Marketing Plan


Professional photography and a virtual tour can be the single factor that leads to the sale of a house.

Buying a home is an emotional experience, especially for first time home buyers. The key to getting a house sold quickly is to think like a buyer, instead of a seller. Sellers think in terms of netting the most money out of the deal, but buyers are thinking of where they are going to live and raise a family.

The homes for sale in Sacramento that are in your similar price range are your competition. Normally buyers work with a real estate agent to visiting 5-7 homes in a day that they are potentially interested in. Although there may be over 50 homes in Sacramento that fit in their price range, the buyer will be given the task to narrow it down to just a few homes that they want to schedule a showing for.

Buyers will scroll through all of the listings in their price range, and they will spend 90% of their time looking only at the listing photos and virtual tour. They key to success is to maximize the power of beautiful professional photography so that buyers will choose your listing over the competition. It is shocking how many Realtors in todays market take their listing photos on their iPhone, and don’t even feature a professional virtual tour.

We know from first hand experience that buyers are most likely to buy one of the homes they visit on their first day of showings. This is why professional photography is a key to success in the Sacramento real estate market.

Our commitment is to provide you with beautiful, professional photography and a professionally designed virtual tour that will display the details and beauty of your home. Don’t settle for less than the best.

Internet Exposure

Over 90% of buyers start their property search online. The most vital part of our advertisement strategy for your home is to present your house online in the most professional manner possible.

Our team of marketing professionals will create a custom, beautiful page for your listing on the Keller Williams website. All of our online marketing will direct buyers to this site, which allows us to control the professional image of your home to potential buyers.

When you list your house for sale with our Keller Williams team, your home will be featured on:

  • Sacramento MLS
  • Trulia
  • Zillow
  • Redfin
  • KWLS
  • Craigslist
  • And More

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most effective forms of direct advertisement available today.

Ronee and her team of professionals specialize in professionally marketing Facebook and social media ads to help boost awareness of your property.

With an effective Facebook advertisement campaign, our team can get your property viewed by thousands of interested potential buyers, within your target area.

Our team will track the results and clicks of the ad campaign, and direct viewers to the custom listing website we create for your house.

The more buyers that are looking at your house, the higher the offer we will be able to secure.

Huge Local Exposure

With our marketing strategy, we create a Grand Opening weekend to capture the buzz we’ve generated through various advertising mediums. We know your home will sell for the highest dollar amount in the first few weeks that it’s on the market, so it’s our intention to drive as much traffic to your home the first week it’s on the market.

With the owner’s permission a For Sale sign will be featured in front of the house. Your listing will also be featured in the local MLS, and marketed to all the Realtors in the Sacramento Area.

Your home will be predominately displayed on multiple listing services in the South Placer & Sacramento real estate community.

A custom advertisement will be sent out to hundred’s of Realtor’s in the South Placer & Sacramento Areas, featuring professional photography and links to your custom listing page will be featured on the Ronee Briley website.

Your listing will be professionally featured and marketed to local social media accounts in the greater Sacramento area.

Your house will be featured on the Keller Williams Realty website.

Open House

Open houses are an effective way to get your house the exposure it needs, especially on our opening weekend.

We will work with you to accommodate your schedule and to maximize the amount of traffic generated. We know how to market the open houses in advance, strategically place directional signage to your home, and provide incentives for potential buyers once they arrive.

With our experience, the targeted advertising that we do for your home, including the open houses, will dramatically boost our chances of quickly finding the perfect buyer!

Ronee Briley

Ronee Briley